April 24, 2012

ATTENTION - I am no longer providing domination sessions. I have retired from the D/s profession. I am now located in Munich Germany and will no longer provide domination sessions and will focus all of my attention on my vanilla company here in Munich.

Thanks for understanding,

Goddess Amazon



May 29, 2018

Dear Cucked Manlets of the Alt-Right,

I know you envy your fellow Alt-Right comrade Millennial Matt for being one of my loyal slaves in the past. When he shared on his twitter account that he use to be one of my loyal slaves, I know you jerked off the his stories of bowing at my feet, head bowed with his lips kissing each of my toes. I know you secretly want me to come out of retirement so that you too can feel the sting of my whip and cane. I know you want to worship me but you missed your turn. I have retired from the Domination business back in 2012 and have no desire to return. If you wish to fulfill your fantasies of being a little sissy boy to a BLACK BITCH QUEEN, go here.




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